We hope that this guide helps with your plans and to think about the day from slightly a different perspective. I have photographed oodles of weddings over the past 10 years. That means I have been there through the getting ready until the end of the day, I have seen weddings on every scale and as a result have compiled some tips to help you make your wedding the best day ever, get the best photos and........Enjoy!

DISCLAIMER. Before I even kick off. I want to stress this is your wedding day, it belongs to you, it will be different to everyone else's and so it should be. People often ask me what are the Do's and Don'ts for weddings. To be honest, don't let anyone tell you what you should or shouldn't be doing. That goes for me as well! While I have complied some tips for you to ultimately get the best out of your day (from my experience), the one rule that should override them all is that you do whatever the heck you want and do not let anyone tell you otherwise!!

You don't have to cut the cake, you don't have to wear a white dress, you don't have to have a first dance and you don't have to wear shoes. You don't have to do something because your mother or friend did and you definitely don't have to follow tradition. But heck, if you want to do all of these things, you should totally go for it!

What to expect on your wedding day

Every wedding is different, but this is generally how I photograph most weddings.

PREPARATION. Preparation photos start a couple of hours before the wedding ceremony. This allows me enough time to get shots of both the bride and the groom.

Gentlemen. I will generally start the day shooting the boys, mainly because the girls are on a strict hair & makeup schedule and it’s easier for the boys to work around them. The groom and groomsmen should be showered before I arrive and just dressed casually. I’ll shoot their wedding details (ie. shoes, rings, cufflinks etc) and then get them dressed in a very casual manner - this usually happens in a nice sunlight room. No posing...just photos of the guys getting ready together having a laugh. Once they are dressed we can get some nice photos outside of the groom, the groomsmen and his parents if they are around. Alternatively I can shoot the lads while they are doing something fun together... like swimming, golfing, lawn bowls etc, this all depends on time of course.

Ladies. I will generally arrive for bridal preparation as the final stages of hair & makeup are happening. I will get natural and candid photos of what’s happening, some photos of the hair & makeup finishing, then get some detail photos of your dress, shoes, jewellery, perfume, flowers etc. Once you get dressed we can get some nice photos of you with the brides- maids and your parents. If you are getting ready in the same hotel/resort/property, then going between the bride and groom is easy, I will usually see the girls first to say hi and get a few shots, then go to the boys and back to the girls.

I will leave for the ceremony at least 15-20 mins before the bride so I can find parking and get a few photos of the groom nervously waiting.

Advice. (mainly for the ladies) Just do your thing and let it happen. The last thing you need is to worry about the photos, we want this time with you to run as organically as possible. The getting ready period is usually pretty slow going for photographers, but if we need anything inparticular we will be sure to let you know. Otherwise just be excited and think about all the other awesome stuff you have coming up throughout the day.

If you want to let the bridal party and your family know the same thing (not to worry about the photos) because there is always that one bridesmaid that thinks they have to come up with ideas about photos (you probably know exactly which one of your friends we are talking about too)!

Crank some music, this always helps with the mood (it is a party day after all).

Hotel room vs Home/Air BnB. Choosing a location to get ready is often difficult, but it is something that is pretty important. Photographers will differ on this but I prefer a light and airy home with a nice place to hang the dress. Hotel rooms are often small and cramped with bad light and no character. Lived in an imperfect, beats clean and dull any day. Especially for photos!

The wedding ceremony will be shot 100% photo journalistic. I won’t stop you for photos as you get out of the car, or ask you to look at the camera at any stage.

I will just let it all happen naturally and would prefer you forget I am around. I will be shooting candidly and discreetly.

I will capture you walking down the aisle and the look on your grooms face when he first sees you. And of course the rings and first kiss. I also won’t ‘stage’ photos when you sign the marriage certificate (which is what a lot of celebrants seem to think photographers want). I much prefer to capture it naturally as it happens.

After the ceremony I will capture all the hugs, kisses and laughter as everyone congratulates you. And when you are ready, we will do some family photos. The congratulations and family photos will generally take around 30-45mins.


Weddings are suppose to be fun. For some reason celebrants in this country think ceremonies should be dull and lifeless occasions full of soberness and seriousness. Well....Screw that! Make sure you find a celebrant that you feel comfortable with, you only get married once, you may as well get someone awesome!

You should totally look at each other as the bride walks down the aisle - This moment is so often filled with emotion and I cannot imagine you missing out on that because a celebrant told you to turn the other way and only turn around when she got there.

And you can hug or squeeze hands, talk for a bit or even kiss (shock!). Once you get down the aisle definitely don't stand there like strangers at an arranged marriage.

Unplugged ceremonies are the bomb. You don't walk down the aisle to a sea of phones and people don't lean out and block the photographers shots. Nothing beats being in the moment and sharing that physically with those you love. Let's face it, since the invention of the camera phone no one has ever taken a good ceremony shot with their phone. Grandma can leave her brand new iPad that she doesn't know how to use at home and uncle Bob doesn't have to sneak around with his pride and joy DSLR camera that's more equipped to photograph birds 500 meters away than an intimate wedding ceremony.

It's better for you AND us , if everybody is present and actually watching you guys get married. So I can get those rad images of people smiling, laughing and crying, rather than whatever horrible phone case they had at the time.


The walk back down the aisle, is a photographer favourite to photograph because can be so darn awesome. This is your first big moment walking together into the future as a married couple. The BIG question is to confetti or not to Confetti. HOLY HECK YES.........CONFETTI ALL DAY LONG!


This can be an epic win or a miserable fail. This is your moment to shine and everybody is waiting for it. Don't let the kiss sneak by without anybody noticing. Push your wedding celebrant out of the way (because let's face it you don't want them in the background) and make this kiss the most awesome moment of your life. Do it. Do it do it do it.


Immediately after, all of your guests are going to want to congratulate you for finally tying the knot. Some couples believe it or not get to the end of the aisle and then stand around awkwardly as if they are strangers at their own wedding. Don't do this! Kiss, hug and laugh with your guests, let them tell you how beautiful you both look. It's good to keep to a timeframe of around 10 minutes or so to keep things moving along. You will have plenty of time later in the evening to chat to those you really want too!

Everyone's super excited for you guys - They're running in, crying for/with you, squeezing you way too hard, smooshing your buttonholes and laughing with each other - you will honestly get the best photos of your guests during this time xo.


Yeah you probably don't want to do family photos, but they're a necessary evil - and they're pretty painless (with these tips anyway) and they're probably photos you'll love down the track.

Make a list of the family/group photos you want, so it's less stress at the time trying to make sure you've covered everyone important to you. Give it to a family member or bridesmaid who can quickly round up the needed people.

Each combo probably only requires a couple of minutes max but if you allow around 20-30 minutes in your timeline you'll get through them all easy and have time for the few that you probably forgot about on your list (just pretend they were no the list so you don't get written out of anyone's Will).

the BIG Group photo

The big-group-photo-of-everybody - we hate never recommend this shot. To be dead honest it's a pretty useless photo where everybody's face is tiny, most people are hidden and it can be a major mood-killer and time-suck. Instead of trying to corral everyone into an awkwardly big group and being the buzzkills of the day, we could be shooting more mingling, hugs, congrats and laughing, and getting really good photos of lots of people instead of just one crappy photo of everybody. Despite my feelings about this photo, lots of couples actually like it because they use as a thank-you card after their wedding. So please use my advice at the very start and do whatever you like, this is your day!!

Bridal party photos

After the ceremony we will get some photos together with your bridal party, this is a good time to take a moment, relax and have a laugh with your closest friends. These photos are usually lots of fun and we can get as creative, boring or crazy as your friends are. Usually these take around 30 minutes and once they are complete your bridal party can return to the guests and enjoy themselves back at the party getting drunk or preparing for your return to the reception.

couples photos

The important bit! Not just for the photos, but because it's also the part of the day where you don't have to entertain anyone but yourselves, you don't have to answer to anyone and you get to go and chill out and celebrate that you just got friggen married! (and I promise you won't even notice my camera in your

I recommend at least 60 mins of shooting time (not including the 20 minute taxi ride each way to the location (if we are going offsite), leaving us with 5 minutes of actual shooting time). Sure it can be done in 5 or 10 minutes but, if you want some nice relaxed shots of you guys being yourselves and for it not to feel like a rushed photoshoot, 60 minutes is good for that!

Is it awkward?.....Um heck yeah it is! It always feels awkward for the first few minutes, but rest assured it gets easier pretty quickly (again, why a little more time is good). And IT'S YOUR WEDDING DAY so that excitement will see off any nerves. Plus you've chosen me, so I hope you can trust me that I will make you look awesome. And awkwardness is always great to photograph cos it's usually just people laughing due to the awkwardness - So just embrace it!

We will make it as candid as possible, but don't worry, I won't leave you feeling awkward, I’ll give you little directions to get comfortable, but it’s more about the two of you enjoying each others company and showing the love that the two of you have for each other.

Some actual practical tips I can give....mix it up! Hug, squeeze and make fun of each other and think about how freaking awesome everything is in the moment.

Get right up into each other's grills and don't feel like making out occasionally is going to freak me out. Then hug again (differently than the first time) and get way closer. Like, Way closer. Now I might get freaked out a little bit (no I won't) these photos are going to be insane!

The good thing about mixing it up is there is nothing you can do wrong - cos you'll only get the good photos at the end of it anyway!

What else? When you're walking around and stuff - feel free to hold hands or link arms or do whatever the cool kids are doing these days. You know, like a couple.

Get your dress dirty! If you are adventurous and want to venture into the wet grass or the woods cos there's a cool spot just around the corner - DO IT! That's literally why Dry Cleaners exist.

And a second photo session in the evening is a favourite! We'll get everything we need the first time before dinner and stuff, but during day light savings - if you can make time to duck out for 5-10 minutes during the evening after the speeches or something when the light is all awesome and the champagne top-ups have chipped away at your awkwardness and photos EVER!

Just breathe! It will all be over far too quickly and it'll be worth it guys - trust me!


Having stuff to do at the reception (or before the reception, during the canapés and mingling) will lead to better guest photos. This could be games on the grass, temporary Henna tattoos (or real ones for the hardcore guests out there) / person-bingo, photo-booths - whatever works for you guys - you know your guests!

The more light the better. Cameras are amazing little things, but as stupidly expensive as they are, nothing will get you better photos at night than a well lit reception. I'm not saying flood the place with light, but some festoon lighting around the place to brighten it up (if it needs it) definitely leads to better (and more, because the camera can focus so much faster) photos.

Speeches we just recommend that you guys sit/stand next to each other and, same as the last tip - that it be in good light so we can snap the laughs, tears and realisation during the best man speech that you may have made a huge mistake.


If you're doing a first dance I would suggest making sure the DJ knows in advance not to has his lazer show going at the same time (unless your first dance is to Daft Punk - then go for it) otherwise you will end up with measles-looking spots all over you in the photos. But once that first dance is over, get him to crank every party light known to mankind.

If you're not doing a first dance but you want a dance floor to cranking we definitely recommend having *something* to make people get up on to the dance floor. Maybe the bouquet toss or just something fun to physically drag people on there (cos nobody gets to say no to the bride)!

Bands vs DJ. DJ's are shiz great! But nothing beats a live band to get everyone moving and shaking on the dance floor.... live music at a wedding is where it's at baby, and not even an overweight DJ stuck in the 90's can beat it.

Which brings us to the next and the most important point in this section - PLAY SOME DAMN BANGER TUNES!

We will create a timeline of how long I am there and please make sure there is some epic music played during that time so I can get the best dance photos possible. We can't make the first five songs in a row that the DJ is playing to appease the 90 year olds look like everyone was having a dance battle.

You know your crowd and the songs that will probably make them go crazy (or make them fill out requests as part of their RSVP's, then they have zero excuse).

Honestly, dance floors going crazy make for the BEST photos of you and your friends - plus you deserve to unwind with some MC hammer after such a long day.

Other SHIZ.

Just trust the process. You hired me for a reason and I promise I will make you look awesome. If you've got questions then don't be shy - Ask them - because I'd rather you ask me than get any other photo-related advice from a wedding planning website or a venue for that matter.

If you need any other wedding related advice or recommendations for vendors, I have bunch that are amazing at what they do. Hit me up!