Week 15 | Laurie’s Smiles

She has trouble sleeping most nights and at about 2:00am nearly every morning when the morning sickness usually hits Laurie the worst, I am there to rub her back, empty her bucket and remind her of the joy and excitement that awaits us.

It still amazes me that we have created life; that inside Laurie’s tummy is a little human being, growing and developing daily. Laurie was 15 weeks on Monday and as she grows bigger, so does our excitement and anticipation.

A friend told me a story the other day about when she was giving birth to her son, her husband came to the hospital dressed in a suit. When she asked him why, he responded by saying, if he is going to meet one of the most important people in his life he wanted to be dressed for the occasion.

I thought her story was extremely touching. I don’t know if I will wear a suit, but I know when the occasion comes it will probably be the best day of our entire existence. I have heard on so many occasions about the intense love one feels for their children. I guess we are yet to experience this, but I know that Laurie is looking forward too that as much as I am.

Laurie has been violently ill over the past few months, but everyday she now seems to get a little better. In some form or other, I see a little sparkle coming back into her beautiful brown eyes. It may often come in the way of a smile or a kiss on the cheek or maybe even a playful smack. This is what life is all about, those little moments that make it all worthwhile.

This week Laurie joined the amazingly talented Sugar Coated Mama and myself on a photoshoot for the marvelous new D’Lish Live Music Trio. It was good to see her have fun….;)