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The Schiaffi Family

I cannot help but feel blessed to know such wonderful families. I get to meet a lot and they all appear to have a common bond of love and happiness. This bond is special and it tells me that families are important. So when I get to photograph ones that I truly admire, it makes me super happy. The Schiaffi’s are beautiful people with big hearts, they have to be some of the nicest people I have ever met….Enjoy!!View full post »

A Birth Story|Hudson Mica Kowalski

There are moments in our life that refine us, ones that change us, that make us better. This week the week leading up to christmas 2013 has been a week of refinement, it has given me hope for the future, it has given me an increased love toward a wife that I love more than ever, it has allowed me to become a father (the significance of which weighs heavily upon my mind). It has changed me deeply inside and because of this I now know more about myself as a result. I too know and feel how loved IView full post »