Silent Thought’s – Laurie’s Pregnancy | Weeks 25 & 26

It’s 4am I cannot sleep. This king size bed in which we lay appears to have gotten smaller as we are snuggled together in the centre. The night is calm, no noises can be heard except for the gentle purr of Laurie’s breathing. In this quiet moment I reflect on the journey of us, the trials, the joy, the love and what we have in front of us. I say a quiet prayer and thank our Father in Heaven for the blessings He has so kindly give us. I place my hand on Laurie’s stomach, not expecting much, but being close to a beautiful wife and my little boy makes me happy. To my surprise he kicks and kicks some more, maybe he knows his daddy’s touch,  in the excitement I say, “Laurie he is kicking”. She gasps for air, she is flustered, Laurie say’s …whhhaaatt? Oops I woke her up with my excitement, she tells me to go back to sleep. I understand, apologise and tell her I lover her, I guess 4am is not really an ideal time to show my excitement.

In this moment I have nothing to be afraid of, I have everything close that means so much to me. This is my life, a wife and a child on the way. Does it get much better! These little moments in life are few and far between, but they’re what keep us going, through the trials and tribulation we often face. This is why I get so much joy out of photography, a moment can mean so much, but it means so much more when it is frozen in time, when you can see it, hold in your hands, share it with your friends, show your children and grandchildren in the years to come. In the end these are the moments that matter, because when you’re gone all that is left are memories engrained on an 8″x4″. Would we want to be remembered any in other way, I think not.

My little boy is now 26 weeks old. Warm and safe inside a mother who I know loves him so much. Still in the womb he is riding the waves of embryonic fluid, growing and developing at a rapid rate. In less than 100 days he will be wrapped in our arms, feeling the joy and love of his mother and father who have waited what only feels like a lifetime to have have him here, to have him close, to be home. As Laurie’s little body fills up with fluid in places she has not previously experienced, she still looks as amazing as ever. I am one lucky man!!