Laurie | Weeks 23 & 24

As the weeks draw closer to our little guys birth, we cannot help but feel a little unprepared. Although we are still a few months away, it is getting closer by the minute and we still have not purchased one thing. On the other hand I often wonder how prepared we are to be new parents and I actually think we are ready, we may not have purchased a thing but emotionally and spiritually we are ready…Having a baby does not worry me, in fact it inspires me and I take the role of fatherhood very seriously. I often reflect on my own childhood and how my father and mother shaped my life in so many ways. The sacrifices they gave to us children, the times we shared together, the challenges we faced as a family, all of these things have moulded me into the man I am today and into the father that I want to be. I am not worried about the responsibility that comes with being a parent, because responsibility is something I enjoy. But with parenthood comes something that is much greater than responsibility, I learnt it from my parents and it is called love. I pray that we can show our son we love him everyday of his life. I have felt love so many times and in so many different ways before. I felt it as a child when my parents would comfort me, it came as mine and Laurie’s relationship developed, I felt it again on our wedding day, I feel it when Laurie places my hand on her stomach and I felt this beautiful little baby boy kick. I feel it when I talk to him and when we sing to him. Love is the most powerful thing on this earth and there is so much to give in this house.

Laurie is doing great, all of her morning sickness has all but gone, she does feel ill on the odd day but she is doing so much better. She is the most beautiful pregnant woman I have ever seen and her 24 week bump is so cute and she wears it with such pride. She has an ora, a special glow that makes her look like an angel. I wished we could all look that good. I guess she is just lucky in that way. However, I am lucky too, because I have her and she has my child. On wednesday, Laurie and I went on an outing to Morpeth, taking pictures of yourself is somewhat difficult, but I managed to do it (I love a challenge)!