Laurie | 20 Weeks and Counting

To think that the love Laurie and I share together has created a life still amazes me. This wasn’t a mistake, it didn’t happen by chance, it was a gift and given to us in a time of great need. A few weeks prior to finding out ourselves we were pregnant, both my sister and sister in law shared news that they also were expecting (both due in October 2013). What should have been a joyous occasion, for me was overshadowed by my own desire to have a child of my own. The same thought provoking question entered my mind, why not us…and this is not fair. But everything in life appears to balance out. I am slowly figuring out things only happen for a reason. I know that Laurie and I have grown so much since we first got married, we have refined with age, shared experiences that have made us stronger and changed for the better. Although we still have a long way to go, we are more ready now to be parents than we have ever been before. We have watched, observed and learnt many things along the way. Will I be a good father? Only time will tell, but if I follow in the footsteps of mine, than I cannot go wrong. I don’t have to ask that same question about Laurie, because I already know the answer…She will be amazing, she never stops loving and with that love she gives her all. She has that motherly soul, a desire to help, a desire to care, a desire to never give up, to always strive to be better and help others feel better along the way. I could go on and on, but the attributes and qualities that I think makes a good mother, Laurie has them all. This girl is amazing and I thank God everyday for giving her to me.

These photos have to be some of my favourite yet!

Laurie 20 weeks1Laurie20weeks5Laurie20weeks3Laurie20weeks7Laurie20weeks6Laurie20weeks2Laurie20weeks9Laurie20weeks4Laurie20weeks8