Laurie | 19 Weeks, It’s a ………?

Her smiled beamed from ear to ear as her eyes continually focused on the monitor. As I looked into the eyes of my child’s mother, I wondered what was going through her mind. I could only imagine that she was as excited as I was to find out the gender of our little baby. We had waited so long for this moment and it was finally here. As the ultrasound technician moved his way around Laurie’s belly he explained that our baby was doing great. It was measuring correctly for 19 weeks, he showed us its little hands and fingers, feet and toes and the chambers of its beautifully beating heart.

On the way to the appointment Laurie and I had both come to the conclusion we were having a baby girl. So when the ultrasound technician showed us his little manhood we were presently surprised and overjoyed with the thought that we have actually been blessed with a little baby boy.

This baby boy has no idea how much he is already loved…We still cannot believe that God has entrusted us with one of his little children, that we have created life and are now able to have an eternal family of our very own. Although we have not held him in our arms, he makes all of Laurie’s discomfort and illness worth every minute. He is our baby and he is beautiful!