A Birth Story|Hudson Mica Kowalski

There are moments in our life that refine us, ones that change us, that make us better. This week the week leading up to christmas 2013 has been a week of refinement, it has given me hope for the future, it has given me an increased love toward a wife that I love more than ever, it has allowed me to become a father (the significance of which weighs heavily upon my mind). It has changed me deeply inside and because of this I now know more about myself as a result. I too know and feel how loved I am from my own mother and father who went through these same experiences when I was born. On the 18th of December 2013 Laurie went through intense pain, hard physical labour, an enduring marathon of contractions for 30 hours until finally pushing out our beautiful healthy baby son Hudson.

If for a split second I feel as though the window’s of heaven were opened and I peeked in for a glimpse. We created a life…from a seed to a soul, this little human is ours to love, cherish and adore. As a father and mother we now have a great responsibility to raise our son to be respectful, loving, kind, courageous, even a man of righteousness. I will not falter, as this is the father I want to be.

As the early morning rolled around on the 17th of December, Laurie lay in bed and moaned, I was asleep but awoke as I heard her distress. When I asked what was wrong she said “I think I am having contractions”, We lay together in bed all night, as the hours came and went so did her contractions. 10 mins apart, 8 mins apart, 6 mins apart. As light flowed through the window, we were tired but knew that something great was coming. Laurie’s pains increased with every breath, so we made the decision to drive to the hospital hoping that this was it.

Laurie’s contractions did not let up, concerned and feeling helpless all I could do was stand by her side, give reassurance and watch. This for me was the hardest part, being able to do nothing as my wife was in what only could be described as agony. After some excruciating painful water injections and some Panadeine Forte, the midwives sent us home as Laurie was only two centimetres dilated. At least now her pain was bearable. As the day drew to a close and the light faded Laurie’s contractions grew longer, more intense and closer together. We knew this time was for real, so we got back in the car and drove to the hospital knowing that from this point our lives would never be the same. We would have something more valuable than any money could ever buy.

The contractions did not let up, they were long and hard, but she was winning. Laurie’s effort was amazing with a little bit of gas she was able to persist. After a long and painful night at 6:22am on the 18th of December Hudson Mica Kowalski made his entrance into this amazing world. It was an emotionally beautiful experience that I will never forget. As he took his first breath and as Laurie spoke to him for the first time, he looked to her through all the commotion, a voice he recognised from within the womb.

I have never been more proud of her, through this single experience my love has increased for Laurie a million times. She is a mother who battled an endurance race and came out on top. I see the love she has for him and it does only one thing for me….confirms the decision I made to marry her was right.

We Love our little Hudson more than any story or words could ever express, he means more to us than any single thing. He is our hero, he is the essence of love and brings meaning to that word every minute of the day. If this is what life is all about, if it is these refining experiences that make us who were are, than my soul hungers for more. But for now, my joy is full, our lives are swell. We are proud parents and are so thankful for the grand designs of a Father in Heaven that loves us dearly. And we thank Him daily for giving us our little gift.

To me this is the most powerful and beautiful thing I have ever photographed. This is Hudson’s story….. I hope you love this as much as I do, because no words will ever do this justice!