He is 7 months old tomorrow. I cannot believe how quick this has gone, one minute he is laying on his back he cannot move, the next he is rolling from his back to his tummy, then commando crawling across the floor, from a commando crawl to a full crawl and now he is pulling himself up and making a mess wherever he goes. Dvd’s on the ground and baby wipes pulled out, are just two of the things that are now re-occurring events. Maybe his Mum and Dad need to put things away because I don’t think he is going to stop anytime soon.

I feel so much joy and love whenever I see his face, I love him more than I can ever explain, it is overwhelming beautiful! I can watch and play with him all day, time has no meaning anymore, this may be because he means everything that is important to us.

My capacity to love has grown, my patience increases with every early morning bottle feed and my desire to be an awesome father is just that. I could not be happier.

We recently took a trip to Brisbane, we didn’t explore to much, but what little we did we had fun. I could not think of two better people in the world to have a little holiday with….. these are some pictures of the two of them…and maybe a couple of me! Hudsonholiday-25Huds 4Hudsonholiday-27Huds-1Hudsonholiday-8Huds2Hudsonholiday-9Hudsonholiday-3Huds3Hudsonholiday-15Hudsonholiday-13Hudsonholiday-11Hudsonholiday-12Hudsonholiday-14Hudsonholiday-22Hudsonholiday-21Hudsonholiday-23Hudsonholiday-28Hudsonholiday-29huds5Hudsonholiday-33huds6Hudsonholiday-34Hudsonholiday-36Hudsonholiday-39Huds7Hudsonholiday-41Hudsonholiday-43Hudsonholiday-44Hudsonholiday-1-2Hudsonholiday-48Hudsonholiday-49Hudsonholiday-50Hudsonholiday-51Hudsonholiday-47Hudsonholiday-45Hudsonholiday-46