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He is 7 months old tomorrow. I cannot believe how quick this has gone, one minute he is laying on his back he cannot move, the next he is rolling from his back to his tummy, then commando crawling across the floor, from a commando crawl to a full crawl and now he is pulling himself up and making a mess wherever he goes. Dvd’s on the ground and baby wipes pulled out, are just two of the things that are now re-occurring events. Maybe his Mum and Dad need to put things away because IView full post »

3 Months | My Son, My Love

This week is a special week…Hudson was 3 months old! Time has gone so quickly since his birth and he grows bigger and more beautiful everyday. Our lives have gone from mundane to awesome. Yes there are sleepless nights and long days, but it amazes me how one little soul can bring so much joy into our lives. This feeling of being a father is amazing, it is special….it is overwhelmingly beautiful and makes me happy. I love him more than anything in this world, and I know my wife feelsView full post »


It’s no surprise that I love taking landscapes. So here is a few just for you 🙂View full post »

A Birth Story|Hudson Mica Kowalski

There are moments in our life that refine us, ones that change us, that make us better. This week the week leading up to christmas 2013 has been a week of refinement, it has given me hope for the future, it has given me an increased love toward a wife that I love more than ever, it has allowed me to become a father (the significance of which weighs heavily upon my mind). It has changed me deeply inside and because of this I now know more about myself as a result. I too know and feel how loved IView full post »

A Baby Shower – Laurie | Weeks 27 & 28

The last few weeks have gone so quickly, which is a good thing, because before we know it we will be holding a little baby boy in our arms. I have not shared a post in over two weeks, it is not because I didn’t want too, it is because I wanted to share this event in particular. We are extremely blessed, we feel this way because we have wonderful friends and family that care for us deeply. They went to extreme lengths to pull this off and now I know why Laurie has been talking about her BabyView full post »

Silent Thought’s – Laurie’s Pregnancy | Weeks 25 & 26

It’s 4am I cannot sleep. This king size bed in which we lay appears to have gotten smaller as we are snuggled together in the centre. The night is calm, no noises can be heard except for the gentle purr of Laurie’s breathing. In this quiet moment I reflect on the journey of us, the trials, the joy, the love and what we have in front of us. I say a quiet prayer and thank our Father in Heaven for the blessings He has so kindly give us. I place my hand on Laurie’s stomach, not expecting much, butView full post »

Laurie | Weeks 23 & 24

As the weeks draw closer to our little guys birth, we cannot help but feel a little unprepared. Although we are still a few months away, it is getting closer by the minute and we still have not purchased one thing. On the other hand I often wonder how prepared we are to be new parents and I actually think we are ready, we may not have purchased a thing but emotionally and spiritually we are ready…Having a baby does not worry me, in fact it inspires me and I take the role of fatherhood veryView full post »

Laurie | weeks 21 & 22

I love my wife and I will shout it from the roof tops……Laurie is amazing! How lucky I am to have someone who loves me as much as I love them. She is my rock, she keeps me grounded, she motivates and encourages me to work hard in everything that I do. She is a wonderful wife and with her being pregnant my love has increased ten fold. I don’t know why, it is just happening and I cannot stop it. This last week for Laurie has brought swollen feet and headaches, but on Monday night as Laurie and IView full post »

Laurie | 20 Weeks and Counting

To think that the love Laurie and I share together has created a life still amazes me. This wasn’t a mistake, it didn’t happen by chance, it was a gift and given to us in a time of great need. A few weeks prior to finding out ourselves we were pregnant, both my sister and sister in law shared news that they also were expecting (both due in October 2013). What should have been a joyous occasion, for me was overshadowed by my own desire to have a child of my own. The same thought provokingView full post »

Laurie | 19 Weeks, It’s a ………?

Her smiled beamed from ear to ear as her eyes continually focused on the monitor. As I looked into the eyes of my child’s mother, I wondered what was going through her mind. I could only imagine that she was as excited as I was to find out the gender of our little baby. We had waited so long for this moment and it was finally here. As the ultrasound technician moved his way around Laurie’s belly he explained that our baby was doing great. It was measuring correctly for 19 weeks, he showed usView full post »

A Peanut Butter Pregnancy | week 17

When we go to sleep, I will often wrap my arms around Laurie, hold her little tummy and say ‘I love you Baby’. Laurie will either remove my hand quickly because it is cold or hold my hand close because it is warm. I prefer when she holds my hand close, I like to feel how big her tummy is getting. Apparently our baby is now about the size of a turnip. I really have not had a lot to do with turnips and to me it is not very big, but Laurie is definitely starting to show. I cannot wait until she isView full post »

Kowalski Chronicles |Hunter Valley Week 16

In a few weeks Laurie and I will be going for another ultrasound to find out the sex of our baby. I have heard so many mixed feelings about this. We have been told by many that there is nothing better than getting a surprise at birth. This may be true, however, to us it is a surprise enough that we have actually conceived and we feel extremely blessed. Although I say we have waited over 7 long years for this moment, it may surprise you then to hear me say that we have actually been hereView full post »

Week 15 | Laurie’s Smiles

She has trouble sleeping most nights and at about 2:00am nearly every morning when the morning sickness usually hits Laurie the worst, I am there to rub her back, empty her bucket and remind her of the joy and excitement that awaits us. It still amazes me that we have created life; that inside Laurie’s tummy is a little human being, growing and developing daily. Laurie was 15 weeks on Monday and as she grows bigger, so does our excitement and anticipation. A friend told me a story the other dayView full post »

Baby Kowalski | Tears of Joy

Last week, Laurie and I announced our pregnancy and we still cannot believe it! After seven long years of trying our prayers have finally been answered and our dreams are coming true. About 10 weeks ago while Laurie and I were on a Queensland holiday, she walked out of the bathroom crying, I went to comfort her because I didn’t know what was wrong, she mumbled something and I had to ask her to repeat what she had said. She said “Im pregnant”…..With tears streaming down her face I held herView full post »