A Peanut Butter Pregnancy | week 17

When we go to sleep, I will often wrap my arms around Laurie, hold her little tummy and say ‘I love you Baby’. Laurie will either remove my hand quickly because it is cold or hold my hand close because it is warm. I prefer when she holds my hand close, I like to feel how big her tummy is getting. Apparently our baby is now about the size of a turnip. I really have not had a lot to do with turnips and to me it is not very big, but Laurie is definitely starting to show. I cannot wait until she is in full bloom, this I imagine will be a beautiful time.

At this point in her pregnancy I think Laurie must be going through some type of eating faze. On Wednesday, Laurie and I were going to grab a quick lunch together, that was until she told me she had been eating Peanut Butter sandwiches all morning. Since I have been with Laurie I honestly cannot not remember a time when I have seen her eat Peanut Butter, in fact she would often tell me how repulsive it was. Obviously when you’re pregnant and you get the craving to eat something you don’t question it, you just do it. She is like a bear with some honey; Laurie has already finished one jar of Peanut Butter and has written it down as a necessity item on our shopping list for today.

This journey so far has been quite an experience, we have had highs and we have had lows, and this time, even though Peanut Butter is involved it feels right and makes us happy. We cannot wait to hold our little baby in our arms, to feel its tiny hands, smell its beautiful hair and cradle it with the love of a new parent. We have created a family and although we are still in the making, it is ours and we adore it.