A Baby Shower – Laurie | Weeks 27 & 28

The last few weeks have gone so quickly, which is a good thing, because before we know it we will be holding a little baby boy in our arms. I have not shared a post in over two weeks, it is not because I didn’t want too, it is because I wanted to share this event in particular. We are extremely blessed, we feel this way because we have wonderful friends and family that care for us deeply. They went to extreme lengths to pull this off and now I know why Laurie has been talking about her Baby Shower for months, as that’s probably how long it took to plan. This was not a low key affair, to be honest I think it could have almost been as big as our wedding (Well it sure felt like it). But if anyone deserves a huge Baby Shower, it is definitely Laurie, she has waited near 8 years for this moment and it has been a pretty bumpy ride getting here.

In the last few weeks, Laurie’s belly has started to get bigger and bigger and bigger. In fact she now has a really cute outy! We have started pre-natal and parenting classes and we are learning about all weird and wonderful things like mucous plugs and labour pains. With every day and every little step we take it seems more and more real, but we still often pinch ourselves just to make sure we are not living a dream. We love our baby so much more everyday. It may have taken us a long time to get here, but every little bit of heart ache along the way has been worth it!

Thanks for the wonderful friends who put all this together for our little baby!
Styling and desert table Sugar Coated Mama (The most amazing stylist around)
Cakes/deserts – Get Frosted (She makes unbelievably good cakes)
Cookies – Mad Midnite Baker (Wow, the cookies are delicious)
Flowers – Rosehip Flowers (Best dang florist in town)
Pinatas – Party Pony Designer Pinatas (These Pinatas rock)

It pays to know some amazingly talented and beautiful people!! Hope you all enjoy this post as much as Laurie enjoyed the party!

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